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Ultra-High & Family Office Services

Multi-Generational Planning

The greatest potential for accumulation of private wealth includes multi-generational planning in the form of a Dynasty Trust.

As the name "Dynasty" suggests, this particular type of trust allows individuals to preserve significant wealth for multiple generations of descendants.  Assets transferred into a properly structured Dynasty Trust can escape the Federal Transfer Taxes (during life) and Estate Taxes (at death) for future generations and possibly in perpetuity for as long as you have lineal descendants.  Generally, these multi-generation skipping trusts are best suited for high-net-worth individuals, those with family heirloom assets, and individuals who desire to keep assets within their family for more than one generation.

  • However, there are two misconceptions:
    1. that the grantor loses control of the assets.  Operational and managerial control can be retained and handed over in varying degrees; and
    2. these trusts are just for the super wealthy.  They can be the centerpiece of basic wealth planning even for families at or below the estate tax exemptions.
  • They also protect assets from spendthrift beneficiaries, spousal divorce claims, and unforeseen creditors.

We have successfully guided families to create very dynamic and forward reaching Dynasty Trusts with long-term economic benefits that can hardly be denied.  Regardless of the changes Congress might make to our Federal Transfer Tax laws, how "permanent" is anything when dealing with Washington?  If you would like to learn more about multi-generational planning request our report on Dynasty Trusts.  There is no better time than now!

Family Office Services

With our modified multi-family office structure and through the numerous national relationships we've established, we foster long-term relationships with our clients by providing planning, management and oversight services for a variety of financial needs and wealth transfer strategies to serve the needs of our area's most wealthy families and organizations.

The exceptionally wealthy often hire professionals to assist with many aspects of their financial wealth from assistance with their operating businesses, implementation of sophisticated investment programs, utilization of multiple domestic and global money managers, foundation advisory, to bill payment, risk management and banking issues.

Usually these family services evolve and reshape themselves as the family becomes multi-generational and more geographically dispersed.  Through our relationship with trust companies and administrators we can bring the following services to our clients:

> Integrated Planning and Wealth Management
> Foundation and Philanthropic Advisory
> Portfolio Management and Performance Reporting
> Fiduciary and Trustee Administrative Services
> Asset Servicing and Custodial Services
> Real Estate and other Special Asset Management
> Private Finance and Banking
> Performance Analysis and Reporting Technology
> Family Office Advice