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National Relationships

Since 1999 we've used City National Rochdale as the portfolio manager for many of our large investment accounts.  Their individual and customized portfolios are extremely tax-efficient and include unique "alternative" investments that have little or no correlation to our volatile stock markets.

For our clients who utilize CNR's portfolio management, we encourage them to meet at least quarterly with their personal portfolio manager either here in our conference room or via conference calls.  We discuss world market trends and supported by their research will formulate and adjust the structure of your personal portfolios.   This is institutional investment management for our personal clients.  

To provide non-qualified owner and key-employee benefits for our corporate clients, we use National Benefits Group.  They have a 50-year track record in this specialized market, have dealt with Fortune 500 companies, and have partnered with us for our corporate clients.

In our opinion, no one advisory firm can possibly bring this level of "horsepower" to the table without establishing these kinds of strategic partners.  We look forward to utilizing their expertise with our personal clients.